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300 Ramayanas and Counting . . .
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The home among the trees

Rama in the forest

When it came to building a home for themselves in the forest, Lakshmana, whose love for Rama knew no bounds, asked his brother where he would like their new home to be built. Rama looked around the dense forest and saw a spot by the Godavari, lined with trees.

“Lakshmana, that is where we must build our new home. There is a pond close by that shimmers like the back of a peacock. It’s surafce is covered by the bluest lotuses and you can smell the flowers from those creepers that seem to weigh the trees down. And look!  Deer and peacocks wander freely. Nothing would make  me happier than living in this place.”

Rama, Lakshmana and Sita in the Forest was printed in 1920 at the Raja Ravi Varma Press.