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The birth of Sita

The Birth of SIta

In the great kingdom of Lanka, there lived a mighty and cruel king. King Ravana ruled over Lanka with an iron fist and ten heads, levying heavy taxes on his people. One day, sages happened to pass through the great kingdom and because they had no money to pay the traveller’s tax, Ravana took their blood instead and stored it away in a pot that he placed deep inside his palace.

Once, Mandodari, the queen of Lanka, was displeased with her husband and decided to kill herself by drinking a pot of blood which she found in hidden in her chambers. As we all know, the blood of sages can produce miracles, so no sooner had Mandodari drunk from the pot than she gave birth to a daughter. Afraid of her husband’s anger, and rightly so, she put the little girl into a casket and had the casket buried in the far away kingdom of Mithila.

King Janaka unearthed the casket when he was plouhing his fields one day. He picked up the little girl and named her Sita because she had been found in a furrow.

This story is popular in the Una region, Himachal Pradesh. Image: