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Traveling with Kabir

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Kabir's Ram 4 5 6 7 8 9 10At the end of March, Kiski Kahani, along with Black Swan, supported 6 students to research the works of Kabir with special attention to Kabir’s idea of Ram. The students spent 4 glorious days at Dewas with Kaluramji Bamaniya. The students worked closely with Kaluramji and created their own understanding of what Ram meant, both to them and to Kabir.This was conducted in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh with Kaluramji a Kabir singer. In this period, we sat together, discussed together and sang together songs and poems written by the 15th century philosopher-saint, Kabir. We were there to better understand Kabir’s timeless words, but in the process, also absorbed the simple pleasures of rural living, of brilliant sunrises and sunsets, of generosity from absolute strangers, of low Internet connectivity, and of food that can make even the toughest eyes and nose water in despair. Kaluramji and his musician companions are not just Kabir bhakts but brilliant human beings. There was more than just music to learn from this trip!