kiskiKAHANI (the Ramayana Project)

300 Ramayanas and Counting . . .
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Ramayana in parts

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Imagine, in the future, a world full of the leftovers of our current mechanized world. Imagine all the automotive scrap coming together to transform into animated beings. Imagine the characters of the oldest Indian epic – Ramayana, coming alive in this age and time. This project completed by the 1st year students of DSK-Supinfocom (Pune) required them to re-imagine and re-design a few characters of Ramayana in the form of robotic beings made up of scrap.

The entire project was accomplished in 3 weeks distributed over 2 months. Students and their characters: Jyoti – Hanuman, the monkey warrior; Karthikyen – Kumbhkaran, the sleepy demon; Eshana – Ravana, the demon king; Bhanu – Ravana’s horse; Deepti – Sita, the chaste princess and wife of Rama, being abducted by Ravana; BYM — Jatayu, the vulture that fought with Ravana in an attempt to protect Sita. Project Guide: Ruchi Singhal; Asst. Artist: Shailesh; Welders: Ashok, Pathan and Pankaj; Photo credit: Fabien Rougemont.