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Churning ocean born dew-eyed damsel
Her gentle soul spoke nature’s language
Her heart’s monarch was there
Through the voyage of white splendour
His golden body a temple door to immortal rhythms
She flew a bird on the wing through her emerald home
Nature’s cyclic greenness murmured its warnings
She bade him heed to ominous fate
He swiftly kissed her and ruthlessly raced
To his second battle veiled with fugitive shadows
Vigilant through a sleepless night
She listened to Time’s measured tread
And in the midst of a motionless trance
She saw destiny’s eternal stance
Her tearless eyes locked grief and
In the quiet reach of a remembered breast
She hid a world of storms
She faced the cosmic gaze and brought thunder
Into the tumultuous darkness of a moonless world
Nature stood by in shocked grief
As she enthroned her curse in the white flame of her love
Never will the cosmic one enjoy a moment of marital bliss
And this treacherous deed birth an answering revenge
Summoning a rebel courage she seated her love-child
Regent in the forest world.

 R J Kalpana has published a 3-vol set on Feminist Issues in Indian Literature: Feminism and Family, Feminism and the Individual, Feminism and Sexual Poetics. She has published Temple Dreams, a book of poetry and has won prizes for her poetry which have been published in both national and international journals and anthologies. She was an Editor for the Encyclopedia of Hinduism and has completed a Biography of a Theosophist which will be released in 3 volumes in June 2012. She is a Doctorate in English and professionally a Management consultant for Knowledge Management.