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300 Ramayanas and Counting . . .
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Enchanting maiden born in the veils of night

As celestial in appearance as righteous in blood

Loved by a god, cursed by his consort

She dwelt in the bowels of a well

To heal parched souls

Summoned by the use of an ancient spell

She cast her charm in the four directions

The demon king deep in meditation at first

Didn’t notice the mist drifting and swirling

Rising, expanding, ravishing his senses

With the kiss of tears on his face

A woman’s murmur in his ears

He chased a fleeing dream

She saw herself in the dream, a haunting

A changeling, a mother, a daughter

Stranger to kin

She watched monkeys and mortals destroy her land

She taught her magic to her sons

Watched them fall too

This slip of dappled loveliness

Streaking the shadows of mystic science

Mourned her husband to rule a kingdom