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She was Creation’s loveliest mortal
Born of Brahma she was of the earth
Held secret in her mystic heart
Purple passion’s torpid rhythms
Her sighs took a million shapes
Each taunting and teasing a striving god
He descended from Heavens to touch her conscious soul
Her vision stilled when ecstasy weighed her lids
A King’s body with a lover’s embrace
He witnessed a bridal dawn flower in silence
His flaming kisses revealed his need
His alchemical heat called an answering gift
He laid her on the nuptial chambers of her primal home
Bade Time’s sentinels to mark the passing
He flanked her thighs and drank her essence
She welcomed streams of diamond fire
She eagerly sought his rhythmic beats
Trembled in the wake of a dream
She metered every moan from the eternal voice
He dwelt in her boundless spaces
As she watched swans silver a dark lake
She caught the fragrance of moon flowers in the air
and the sorceries of their joy
When rage-tide burst upon her torn flesh of heat
Bewildered she sought a regal modesty
Vehemence strode her bacchaic revels
Coerced her gentle self in rigid lines
Her spirit locked in an adamantine wall of law
She sat in mute cloisters awaiting her redeemer.

 R J Kalpana has published a 3-vol set on Feminist Issues in Indian Literature: Feminism and Family, Feminism and the Individual, Feminism and Sexual Poetics. She has published Temple Dreams, a book of poetry and has won prizes for her poetry which have been published in both national and international journals and anthologies. She was an Editor for the Encyclopedia of Hinduism and has completed a Biography of a Theosophist which will be released in 3 volumes in June 2012. She is a Doctorate in English and professionally a Management consultant for Knowledge Management.