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Sunte Ho! A review

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Date(s) - 29 Feb 2012
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Sunte Ho! with the Vayu Naidu Storytelling Theater Company, Ruby Sahota and Ansuman Biswas , was performed on February 9 and 10, 2012 at two venues in Pune,  with over 100 people in the audience on each day.

The first part of the evening comprised of Divine Divas and Being Brit, which set the tone for the evening of storytelling. Vayu and Ruby balanced the divas, both sacred and profane – Vayu took us on a journey to the Himalaya with Parvati, whose anger at the loss of her dear son manifests as Kali; while Ruby introduced us to the identity conflicts of Suki, the young British-born Punjabi who chooses her goddesses from science fiction rather than Hindu mythology, negotiating the spaces of Star Wars, Bollywood, Punjabi-family expectations and her own Britishness.

The second part of the evening was Vayu’s Ramayana. It is then that Vayu, accompanied on the ‘haang’ by Ansuman Biswas, led the audience through the Ramayana. With the gentle and surprisingly liquid waves of percussion lapping at our senses, Vayu’s Ramayana, showcased the power of storytelling as a medium that is both public and intensely intimate. Standing in a golden pool of light, quiet in her resplendent bronze saree, Vayu used her carefully moderated voice and gestures  to  leave us  transfixed by a story that we all know but which still keeps us very much at the edge of our seats.

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