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Idhar Udhar: A review

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Date(s) - 7 Mar 2013 until 10 Mar 2013
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


On the 4 December 2012, Prahladji Tipanya gave a concert for Kiski Kahani entitled Idhar Udhar.

Prahladji Tipanya is one of the most compelling folk voices of Kabir in India today. He combines singing and exposition of Kabir in the Malwi folk style from Madhya Pradesh. Prahladji’s concerts are more than entertaining music. They are powerful engagements with the spiritual and social thought of the popular saint-poet Kabir. In Malwa he is admired and revered not only as a singer but also as a guru who speaks with great intensity on the message of Kabir. Thousands flock to his all-night concerts. He has also toured the USA, and is one of the principal protagonists in the quartet of films made by Shabnam Virmani on the pluralism of Kabir.

Through the course of the year we have asked: Whose Ramayana is this? This concert was a celebration of Kabir’s Ram. As Linda Hess says, Who was Kabir’s Ram? Was he the deity of popular Hindu mythology, incarnation of Vishnu and hero of the Ramayana? Or was Rama a universal sound, a vibration that can penetrate the many layers of distraction and delusion, to reach the threshold of a fundamental question: sagun or nirgun? can you find the tracks of a bird in the air? of a fish in the sea?

The concert was attended by over 400 people and was held at S M Joshi Hall, Pune.

Watch the video of this performance here: