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Forest Tales

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Date(s) - 15 Mar 2012
6:15 PM - 8:00 PM

Open Space

Who is Anuj Vaidya?

Anuj Vaidya is a filmmaker and performance artist. He is the co-director of 3rd I Films, which curates the San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival.

What will Anuj do?

There is no telling what Anuj has up his sleeve with a live, futuristic “neo-benshi” performance . Anuj will think aloud and discuss his upcoming film Forest Tales; as well Manoj Kumar’s 1970s classic Purab aur Paschim entitled Aur Paschim: Transvestites in Space and Helen in Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold.

What is neo-benshi?

The neo-benshi performance is a reworking of the traditional Japanese benshi, where an individual would provide the voices for all the characters in a silent film. In the neo-benshi, writers/peformers pick a film or a scene from a film of their choice, strip it of its soundtrack, reimagine and rewrite the narrative, and perform the script live over the projected image. Anuj explores the limits of this form with 3 pieces that stretch the boundaries of the neo-benshi tradition.

Want to know more?

Forest Tales is a loose interpretation of the neo-benshi form using text and image to put a queer, eco-feminist, steam-punk spin on the ancient Ramayana. In a distant future (that is also the past), Sita, Rama and Lakshmana set out on their 14 years of exile. They arrive at the forest by night, and when morning comes Sita is confronted with a forest devastated by pharmaceutical waste. She wanders into the forest to seek out her mother, who eventually comes to her in the guise of a frog. Sita and the frog have a conversation.

Want to know even more?

Join us on Thursday 15 March, 2012

At 6:15 pm

At Open Space, B-301, Kanchanjunga Building,
Kanchan Lane, Off Law College Rd,
Pune 411004