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The Ramayana in a nut shell

Posted on by Imran

What is The Ramayana in a nut shell? This commission came in ’96 or ’97, from two friends of mine who had a design company called ‘Brookbrae’ in London. They designed novelty clocks, sculptures, fountains; many different things for big companies all over the world, but sometimes for individuals too. This particular client lived in England but his land of birth was India and he wanted something unusual to pass down through his family as an heirloom, to remind his children of their heritage. He remembered a clock tower from the village of his childhood that everyone would gather around in the evening to tell stories, and that gave him the idea for a large clock showing the story of the Ramayana. My job was to condense the Ramayana into a few scenes and paint them on a circular sheet of metal that would be fitted into the mechanism of the clock, behind the clock face. When the hour hand turns, the circular sheet turns with it and the story of the Ramayana can be viewed through a little window in the clock face. I had never used oil paint before, but I wanted to use a medium both durable and rich, so it was the obvious choice. I didn’t make any roughs, but painted straight onto the metal sheet, starting from the first scene, picture by picture until it was finished. I did quite a lot of research for … Continue reading

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