kiskiKAHANI (the Ramayana Project)

300 Ramayanas and Counting . . .
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What are the Aranya Journeys?

Engaging with imagined places of the Ramayana, Aranya Journeys bring together the sacred and real geographies linked by the text in the Indian sub-continent.

Scheduled journeys:

Hampi and Kishkinda

Kishkinda is the land of the monkeys, the place Rama and Laksmana passed through on their search for Sita. It is here that Rama met Hanuman and Sugriva, the deposed king of the monkeys and made an alliance with him to help find his wife. Hampi, the capital of the medieaval Vijayanagara kingdom, surrounds Kishkinda. The journey will explore the mythical landscape of the monkey kingdom as well as the imperial landscape of the historical kingdom.


Patachitra art forms in Bengal work closely with the Indian epics, but their subject matter isn’t restricted to the epics and includes Hindu-Muslim conflict, the tsunami, and the more recent terror attacks in India and abroad.